Sunday, October 30, 2011


Oh what fun it is to write mechanisms with tosy's!

The bright side is I "kind of" get them. Actually, none of the reactions are hard just very tedious and time consuming. I am trying to pick up my pace but am still relying on my flash cards for hints.


Had really hoped to have what goes with what down pat by now. Once I get started I am good to go. My arrows go the right way, my charges all make sense...

Okay. Final problems now all involve opening epoxides which is kind of funny since, while slightly embarrassed to say, I dreamt about them last night. I finish these up and then polish and say a little prayer for internal peace and... Oh boy, get a great exam grade? It seems I freeze on homework problems until I take a breath and dive in. Then I am fine. I sure I hope I can remain calm tomorrow too.

That would be awesome!

And now, that I'm home and winding down, I have to play this song:

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