Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anger - Absolutely No Doubt - Anger

Domesticated animals as defined by Merriam, Webster's or other definitional sources means tame, to live with, to benefit from without being parasitic.  When most people think of domesticated animals we think about dogs, cats, and horses.

Domesticated animals are not thought often as being a food source.  We in the United States do not look at our dogs and cats as an alternate food supply should we want for tasty golden retriever soup, or souffle au tabby.  We do not wonder if great dane steak would taste as good as dachshund hot dogs (sorry, I could not resist that one), or if Persian snippets on a stick would fill us up as easily as Siamese casserole.

We just don't.  We are not interested.

However, apparently, horses are now seen as readily eaten in this country.

We can train them to work with us, give us pleasure riding and when their usefulness to our own happiness is done, we can slaughter them and eat them.  We can train them to be pets, to eagerly anticipate our arrival with carrots or apples, give them grain as a reward for a peaceful trip through the forest and when their walking days are done, we can slaughter them for food.

I'm angry.  I'm disgusted.  I'm livid.

Cows are not pets.  Hogs are not pets.  Sheep are not pets.  Most Americans don't sit in a pasture and lovingly stroke a sheep's head, or bring it treats, only to eat it later.

Horses are pets.  Horses anthropomorphologically speaking love their humans when bonded.  They eagerly await at gates for petting, much like my golden retriever does when I come home from work.  Horses nicker to their owners for attention, much like my great dane does when I arrive home from school (he doesn't nicker, he "talks" to me).

I would no more eat Bentley when his "useful" time is done in my home than I would a horse.

This is not a diatribe against meat eaters - I eat steak, turkey, chicken, shellfish, etc.  I don't play with cows, or turkeys, or chickens, or lobsters.  I don't have an issue with deer or bird hunting, or fishing.

Horse slaughter is wrong.  Simply wrong.

But then again, this is the United States where many things are wrong and no one seems to care.  Why would anyone start now with horse issues.

Horse Slaughter Gains US Approval


Thatgirl said...

I think there might be confusion between domesticated animals and pets. Sheep, cows, chickens are considered domesticated but we don't generally (although there are always going to be exceptions with someone who has a pet chicken, etc) keep them as pets. And when an animal is a pet it implies an emotional attachment that just the term domesticated does not.

And hopefully just because something is legal doesn't mean that it will be popular or common. I don't think we will be seeing horse steaks in the grocery stores any time soon, enough people would have the same gut reaction you had.

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

Ugh that sounds so disgusting to me on so any levels. I agree, they ARE like pets, not something you eat. People don't even eat goldfishes, well at least I don't think they do. That's crazy for real! I'm really at a lost of words right now.