Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Kid Dropped On His Head...

To awesome bench mates in a different group. The youngest in the group of four, works as hard as I do, the other two are so friendly! My age is not a factor for them... Then, of course, I am not sure I always act it!

We have a group presentation due on Friday, then youngest already sent out expectations, assigned parts, gave a deadline and wrapped it up by giving them dates to have it to me for compilation. We are using my former life to make the PowerPoint awesome... Which is nice that they recognize what I can contribute and use that for the overall group... Not that my brains are lacking :)

Make it a great day... I am doing. Ochem - whadja think?

I will get an A on the next exam, and dump the last one... I will, I will, I...

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