Monday, November 28, 2011

Sleeping, A Feat Worthy To Note

I slept for 4 days.  Rip Van Winkle has nothing on me.

Now back to the grind: my motivation left until I started driving into school today for ochem.  Then I heard how other classmates felt with last exams.

Two weeks left until finals.  Then a month off.  Then the final charge toward MCAT and Galapagos.  Then applications.  Then sleep.

Overall my Thanksgiving weekend tally looks like this:

Turkey eaten: 5 pounds
Sweet potatoes eaten: 2 large cans

Sleep hours: 52 hours over 4 days... yes, really.  I started wondering if I had chronic fatigue.  I'd eat, sleep, eat, watch FRIENDS (still love that show), and sleep some more.  Tried to go out with Bentley the wonder Dane and, he wanted to sleep instead!

Anyway, back to school, back to work; back to making this dream of mine a little closer... oh, and along the way, incorporating some new study habits to ace my final ochem test.  I'm giving it everything I got...

Kind of like Scotty in Star Trek!  (only I'd be Scottee - or Scottette?)


Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Canned sweet potatoes? Yuck! The sleep, on the other hand, sounds fabulous. Hope you feel better for having the break.

Slamdunk said...

I think our bodies are excellent in balance when we allow for it. You have been pushing hard with more to go--your body was just recharging.

I was all over the stuffing and canned cranberry sauce myself.

Ann said...

Good luck with Organic! I'm currently battling that beast as well.

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

GOOD LUCK to you! I hope I can get some sleep as well soon. Soreness needs some Epsom salt and warm water! Good luck to you, I KNOW you got this! or that :)