Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wth Is Wrong With Me?


Not afraid of it.  Actually, like it.  Find it logical.  It makes sense.  Yes, it is a lot of information to ingest, we are also a full chapter ahead of the other two sections (we covered ozonolysis in a day).

I felt pretty good walking out of the exam.

I got a B.  I was hoping for the elusive A.

Then I got an email from the professor.  The disability services center gave me the wrong exam.  I took the other section's exam, which has a lower average.  Which means my overall score is not apples to apples which is how my grade will be based.  The professor is opn to suggestions on how to fix this since it was not my fault (or the other people who take the exam in DS).

My suggestion for fixing is to add the points back in so that my grade stays relatively similar to my own classmates and trends as such.

MY issue with ochem is this:

how do I get an A?  Theoretically, I can still get an A by acing my final (yuckola) the question is not theoretical, it is tangible:


I do the problems.

I made reagent cards and memorized them.

I made mechanism sheets for each type of reaction so that I could do them cold.

I got a B.

I get why ochem is so heavily looked at by the medical schools.  Beyond the hazing ritual, it does force a student to learn to synthesize vast amounts of minutae and barf it back out on an exam.  I bet the correlation in the adcom's minds is that if a student can learn to study differently and more effectively in ochem, they will likewise, figure out how to study more effectively in medical school when the information comes out of the proverbial firehose.

I do not think it is my lack of prep.  I don't think it is my lack of understanding, nor do I think I'm unintelligent (although, maybe that is really the case!).


That, and studying for only ochem over the weekend, and cramming biology in last night, dropped my biology grade to a low A.  I don't have points to give there.  And he gives no + or - with the letter grade.



Slamdunk said...

I'm praying for you.

As a student, I never really liked Thanksgiving--always too much school hanging over my head.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Hang in there; the end is nearly in sight... Some classes never get A’s. Hard to know why and frustrating as all get out too. Happy Thanksgiving.

wv - abill