Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Couldn't Resist - Need The FUD To Go Away

Seriously, THIS is why I study ochem (ahahahahahaha... breathe.... hahahahahha)

(NOT because she's looking in his pants.... oh Gawd, it's finals and I've lost my mind.... hahahaha)


NP Odyssey said...

Like the content of the video, but horrible job of singing. I guess that makes it funny.

I just thought when does a med student get that much time to make and edit a video.

A Doc 2 Be said...

The guy's singing is worse than horrible :) but I was suffering major FUD last night and needed to laugh.

Which the 2nd video gave me.

Hear your coming this way - at least it'll be snow instead of rain and more rain and then some melted snow falling.

studentish said...

Idk, I think it is just bad enough to appropriately capture the awful voice of the "artist" it covers... remember, that would be Kesha. It's not really even singing what she does, and she's got autotune helping her out. Clearly he didn't have that. But something about it keeps me coming back for more, thanks for posting!