Thursday, December 22, 2011

DE Protonating An Ethane

with acid.  STRONG acid.

hahahahahahaha - in my mind-numbing, sleep-deprived brain, I thought that was a good idea because the base side of that very STRONG acid, is a weak conjugate base (good for Sn1).

Unfortunately, I needed to make that STRONG acid a weak conjugate base by adding, say, Na2 or Mg or something?!?!?!

Nope.  I just put the strong base down (sulfuric acid, if you're wondering).

At least I can laugh about my mind-deprived mistake (that was not a typo, I must be mind-deprived!)

And yes, I can understand why ochem is used by medical schools to weed out folks.  Seriously, what's the difference of adding 10 mg of a sodium pentothal versus 100 mg?  Just a wee tiny math error, right?!


I did use acetyline with H2/Pd-c to take to the alkane; then a 2nd molecule of that with Lindlar's to create the cis; then made an anion out of the Lindlar's product by hitting it with Na-H; and then combined the Deprotonated with SULFURIC acid molecule to make a saturated pentane; then hit that with OsO4 to get syn side addition of 2 degree alcohols, and then nailed that with bromine to get the bromine's on the wedges to get my final product.

I hope I get some points for that.  Out of 15.

/snicker (At least I'm a creative organic chemist!)


NP Odyssey said...

You're hurting my brain. Hope you can relax a little and Merry Christmas

Speculative Speculum said...

Mine, too. I'm sure that you did fine!!! :)