Thursday, December 1, 2011

Galapagos - Here I Come!

The research (haha) trip is booked.  I guess borking my last exam didn't disappoint my professor too much (he leads the trip to Ecuador).  My itinerary is such that I'm flying out early to see the city of Quito first and if I'm lucky, the volcano will be a little active (not so lucky for the people who live there though, especially if they don't heed warnings and leave).

I'm fascinated by the power of nature.  The brutal strength of moving earth beneath my feet, blowing hot, molten rocks into the air simply astounds me.

A few years ago when I took gen chem two at a different university, we were offered the chance to sit in on a lecture series related to neutrinos.  That perked my interest as well simply because for about 2 miles (yes, miles!!!) there is packed snow, ice, and hardpack.  The drills that send the devices to measure neutrinos have warm water attached to get through the ice, then the short time period elapses while the device is lowered and before the snow reforms.

So, given that lava is formed beneath that, and must blow through or melt or ??? all that ice and snow before blasting hot, molten rock into the air, amazes me.  Not really sure I want to see or witness a secondary Pompei, but a live volcano belching would be cool.  And yes, I've been through a 7.0 earthquake in Acapulco so I'm prepared for that.

Why the drivel on Ecuador?

Because I'm still pissed about the horses and can't put my thoughts into prose just yet.

Anyone who has been around "meat" animals knows:

cows don't care
pigs "know" their demise is eminent (that's why I don't eat them)
chickens, don't care
turkeys, don't care

Horses flail.  It is terrifying for them - not only their impending death but the whole ordeal before they are killed (generally by electrocution but sometimes just a flinging of a guillotine).  The tight quarters while they are cattle prodded to the death device, the cattle prods on their backs and butts while being propelled forward.  The terror factor.

See, cows don't have that.

Horses do.

Eat up America.


XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

Again UGH!!!!!! to the tenth power and beyond!

Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Very jealous of the trip to the Galapagos. Take photos and post them to the blog!