Monday, December 5, 2011

So, Here I Go


I wrote the doc I shadow who has openly welcomed me into his clinic to be with his patients, to see what he does when not in an exam room (it's really kind of boring - seriously, that much dictation??? good to know!), to hear the stories, to truly understand all that goes into being a physician.

He said I was welcome any time.  Sadly, fall has flown by and I'm facing finals week.  I don't know when I'd have been able to get down to see him, to spend a full day there or even 1/2 day; I wonder if he thinks me lame (I doubt it, he was my dad's doc and knows my parents well and also knows the path).

As I wrote my apologetic letter for not being in better contact, I wrote one phrase, and will admit... my eyes watered up... This is real, isn't it.  Finally.

Some 42 years ago, a little girl playing house with her friends pulled out her Aunt Cladie's surgical kit that had been used with Dr. Mayo, and put Pez candies into her friends' hands to mend their ailments, and bandaged "broken" fingers and toes.  Some 42 years ago, a little girl dreamed of becoming a doctor without any knowledge or foresight on how she would attain that, or what it meant to treat people's ailments.

As I wrote the doc, I realized my day for applying is nearing.

As I wrote the doc, I realized there is no more "maybe" or "what if" or "should I" or "will I make it", I realized, "yes", "yes," "yes," and absolutely, "yes!"

And with that, my eyes got a little misty.

I think, I just might make it to MD.


Rick said...

Of course you are! If anything, your blog gives everyone some concrete examples that our dreams actually are within reach.

It's a Damn shame that those friends of yours are still cooking up their pez-related malpractice suits, but juries tend to side with delicious.

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

OMGosh I KNOW you're going to make it. I am seriously praying for you and that you actually do make it in. I do hope and pray that you get everything that you have ever dreamed of okay.