Saturday, December 3, 2011

Storm's Breeder

New readers may not have gone through the 3 years (orly?!?!?) of posts to find Storm's posts. While they are listed on the side panel of the blog, they are dimmed.

Headed off to school to study the old chapters of ochem. Lewis dot structures (boring), formal charges (boring), carbocations/anions, radicals, Sn2 and Sn1, E2 and E1 reactions, stereochem - ha, what I learned today might have been helpful say... two months ago! Or maybe it is that repetition thing kicking in and I finally got it.

So, I was bored. Checked my email.

Storm's breeder who'd fallen off the earth had dropped me a line with her new email addy. She doesn't breed anymore.

At that point, it was a lost cause to get back on track. I started looking at Bentley's pictures - the one yesterday of him shaking his head with his ears stacked when I first got him - if you look closely, his jowls are flinging side to side, I started watching funny pet pictures, I read my old posts here about Storm's bloat/torsion, survival, and, his life transition.

Then, I transgressed to "Birds" (Damn you Solitary!) where I quit being in the library. I know a lost cause when I find it. That was today and doing anything beyond ochem in the library.

What made today great?

I came home to a waggy tail and perked but fallen ears, and a golden retriever with her dead toy coming out of her mouth wagging her tail.

I came home to life, to sheer delight in seeing me.

Now, seriously, what could be more awesome than that?!

(real food!)

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