Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Biochem & Art School

Fizzy has a website/blog too. Check her out - the link is on the right side bar. She draws cartoons of what it was like in medical school, and in residency. For a very long time, I had one of her cartoons in my cube at work to giggle at when the load of working, school, studying, being a mom, became too much and my fuse, far too short.

I'm getting geared up for spring semester. Knowing how this is really my last semester before applying, my focus is pretty narrow.


In all three classes - not that I've ever been willing to settle for less than an A, or strived for less than an A, I just know that this semester could really seal the deal for me academically. Using what I learned last semester in organic chem, and my new found study skills, I wrote to my biochm professor and asked how he would guide me to study.

Don't hold your breath, but my drawings will likely end up here. As fun humor for all of you, and guidance for those yet to take the class.

I'm eager, excited to get started! I will be ready.

Changes to

with additional carbon and two hydrogens.

I will be able to do this (and apparently, if you are reading here, you can too!  I bet that really excites you, doesn't it?!?!  :D)

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