Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog #2

A few weeks ago (already???), I mentioned I was going to start showcasing blogs I've followed, in the order that I think I started following them. More or less.

One of the first blogs after Dr. Dalai's, was Ella's. It was her first year of med school, she hadn't set foot into the anatomy lab yet. Giddy with excitement at being an MS-1, she wrote about shoes, shopping, and free food.

I was not sure what to think about Dr. Ella at first. Sure, she had already trod the path I was on, and her story was anything but, "ooooh, lookie at me! I have a 3.97 with a 40T MCAT and so confused on whether or not I should apply!!!" Dr. Ella kept it real. I liked that. A lot. Real pre-med, and as I was soon to find out, real MS-1 and MS-2.

She had gross anatomy. Green goo, gloppy, smelly shoes, smellier clothes - I got a 'whiff' of gross anatomy lab. She had gunners, and lazyoids. She had faculty who were less than stellar.

Through it all, I got a glimpse of what I could expect should I ever receive an invitation to a med school class. There are stories of rotations, stories of other pre-meds with less than traditional routes to med school. Stories of law school or not, engineering or not, and then other stories.

I came to her blog for the humor, at first, but I stayed for her real stories: of survival, of overcoming fear-uncertainty-doubt, of triumph.

Here's the link: Dr. Ella

Hope you'll check it out!