Friday, January 20, 2012

For The Guys @ CHS

Go fill some tanks up and plow some fields, would'ja?!?

Today was my last day on contract for a great bunch of folks. A year ago I walked into a building full of ag people who also deliver fuel. Not sure who I was helping (I'd met the IT director and been hired by her) and had no idea what to think.

Shortly after starting I met the "guys" ... exactly what you think of when you think middle America, the heartland, or the farm belt. Down home, humble, honest, hard working, kind, compassionate, supportive, patient.

I had no idea there were more than about five different types of fuels, but made sure I understood tanks versus sites. And I built relationships.

Unbeknownst to me, and them, my contract was not extended earlier this week as had been expected. It was out of their hands, and obviously, out of my own. It is never easy to say goodbye to people you've worked with and liked. As I wound down my week, it got harder to say goodbye to them. But then, in true Ad2b fashion, I found a way...

Go chase your dreams guys - a Packer's win next year, a theater opening with great lights, a new truck, or a vacation. Maybe it's finding that routing software that helps you get the fuel to trucks in the middle of harvest season (and hopefully, long before planting!), or maybe it's new computers, or better yet, a sandwich board.

Thanks for giving my dream a lift, and wings to fly on!

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