Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scrambling Lady

Vividly colored dress, matching bright purple purse to mesh with her overtly vivid dress and bright red shoes.  She was definitely looking to be noticed.

I had a crappy day.  It started yesterday with some folks at work who, for lack of a better way of putting it, don't understand how to constructively speak to someone else about their wants, needs, and/or thoughts.  Instead of proactively stating that something is not working (in a test environment, mind you), no... they basically say things loud enough to be heard by an entire department.  The department is about 100' x 50' full of Dilbert cubes and a few directorship offices.  Someone later came up to me, that sits about 15' away and said, "You're very calm.  You were using your calm voice to try and de-escalate things with that guy.  Who is he?"

"The client."

"Oh God, glad I'm not you!"

Then it became a matter of finishing up the mapping documents (taking the vendor's mapping data doc and mapping it to the company's, ensuring data that must be consumed by vendor product, likewise spits out data to be consumed by company database).

That's where my day got really interesting.

Vendor has document A that was sent to me.  Vendor has document B that was sent to another group within the company.

I married my doc to vendor A's document.  It was fully vetted by the team, by my project manager, by the data people, by the business unit, by the CIO, and by infrastructure.  It was crisp.  It made sense.

"Piece of shit" this holier than thou woman said to me today. "Who the hell did this crap?  I surely can't use anything like this and whoever did is an idiot."

Now, for your pleasure, I introduce my theme song...

A long time ago during another life, I was told I was like a golden retriever; calm, patient, fun, loving, in fact the client went so far as to say that he could (this is verbatim), "Kick me, push me down, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it" replete with a sneer.

The partner on the client said, "Let your inner shark out."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yeah, let him have it."

So, today, I released my inner shark again. 

Then I came home to scoop poop.  (Did I mention my great dane???)

And on the way home, I stopped to get my diet coke.

And while stopping to get my diet coke, I saw the vividly dressed woman who's credit card had just declined, who was frantic and upset, who was out in her car scrambling to find enough cash between the seats to pay for her two hot dogs and warmed nachos.

She need not have worried.  I paid for it while she was outside scrambling.  The clerk was surprised.

"Tell her to have a better day."

And that, made mine all better too.  By giving to someone who was frenetically trying to scrape enough money up to pay for the $5 lunch (been there), it felt great to make her day, and better yet, it made mine all that much better too.

Even scooping up mounds of great dane guano in the back yard in the 60 degree temps was awesome.

Pay it forward.


NP Odyssey said...

I know you would never get rid of Bentley.
But, are there days when you are scooping Great Dane poop and you think I should have got a Chihuahua.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Never. Great Dane > all, even with guano.

Rick said...

truly don't know how you do it all-- and keep the dogs happy. mine hates me just for being a student.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Does your use of the word guano imply that we can use Great(est of all) Dane(s) poop as fertilizer for growing our plants and yard ?~ A friends has a horse and suggests letting horse poop sit for a year before using it on plants. Any advice about that too ?

A Doc 2 Be said...

@ Rick - I don't do it all :) That's the secret...

@ Lynda - <3 ... I did a simple google search on dog feces as fertilizer and it can be used; my first thought is the nitrogen content might too high and burn the soil (dogs eat protein whereas cows/horses eat plants)... turns out the bigger concern is the potential for human health hazards due to parasites. The overall recommendation based upon nitrogen content as well as phosphorus was to flush the fecal material down the toilet, or bury under 6" of soil.

I simply walk around with my muckers on, big scoop, heavy duty 3,000 ml poly trash bag, nose plug, and toss... okay, maybe not 3,000 ml poly but you get the idea! :D