Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Group Projects

Insert puking sound.  You know the kind where a bunch of random people are assigned to a group with a random topic to digest and present?  You know where some of them get together presumably over drinks and appetizers?  You know, the kind where they don't include the others in the "group" and make isolated decisions?

Yeah.  My evolution/creationism class this semester.  I thought since I had not heard from anyone, I'd send out a suggestion for ways to present (the group thing, you know?  including others?)

I got this for a response:

"The Oprah idea is that Oprah would be hosting one of her talk shows with the topic of "Day-age...". We decided it would be funny and interesting to have various people talk to Oprah about the new findings on the legitimacy of this theory. 

-(Russian) Biologist

We figured it would be best also to not present opposing viewpoints. Also, someone brought up that there is a word in the bible when talking about the "creation event" that is something along the lines of the word "DAY" but the hebrew translation refers to "a period of time". Sort of an interesting fact there.."

Where the hell did the "WE" come from as I know of at least one other was NOT included either.

Not happy (obviously) as these clueless dolts... I don't care about how we present the material, I DO care about being included especially as MY grade freaking depends on it (20% of my grade, actually).

ughhhh.  I do not like group activities much, except when they operate as it's name sake; like a group!

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Speculative Speculum said...

I really dislike group work for this reason. Hang in there! :)