Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midterm #1 - Biochem

20 Amino Acids - structures, names, properties, abbreviations, single letter notation: check!

Molecules of the day - sucralose, cyclamate, aspartame, melamine: check!

Ras - on/off configuration, what protein could cause the mis-function: check!

Hemoglobin & myoglobin - which has what for helices and strands, which does what for which body area, importance of proximal and distal histidine, ligands required for each, how many heme's can be bound, affect of pH/CO/BCG on hemoglobin: check! (need to do more research on the graphs - not quite comfortable explaining them yet)

Carbon bonding - doh! check!

Did I mention drawing all 20 amino acids and naming them along with properties and their abbreviations? Check!

PrPc v. PrPsc - function of the proteins, what happens when the form of the protein changes but overshadows the normal shape, prion diseases including mad cow, scrapie: check!

Henderson-Hasselbach - well? I need to work here. I think my heart with sustain arrhythmia if I were to try and work problems right now without a little more prep work - so that is where I'm focusing tonight - I get the equation; what I want to solidify in my head is what to do with what information; how to group it, how to set up the right numbers

Oh yeah, amino acids - all 20 of them (easy peeeeeeasy!)

Chasing an elusive 100% on the first exam from the biochem prof who has stood behind me for a couple of years now. I do NOT want to disappoint him (or worse, me!)

Oh, and my job?

Love it!

Best part of the last few days?

I got to see my dad, who one year ago sustained a heart attack, subsequently rupturing his spleen (while on coumadin), and getting Pseudomonas infections x3 plus staph x2, and kidney failure + prostate cancer.  He's doing awesome - eating well, smiling, happy, thankful, blessed.

My dad... what's better than a 100% on an exam?  A healthier 82 year old father!