Sunday, February 12, 2012

Puppy Mill Foster #272

Macy is all of 8#, maybe 8.5# after she's had a bath.  At 3 years of age, she's had six litters of puppies presumably, since she is a dachshund, probably about 60 pups total.

She just had her last.

A backyard breeder (you're one of them if you are breeding your dogs for profit, or to give your children the "blessing of seeing how life is created", or you just let your non-altered dog run loose and welcome the puppies when they are born exactly 63 days later), had over 85 breeding dogs on the property.  The humane society confiscated them when the neighbors complained of barking (ya think??!?!), the smell (you don't say...), and the general "yuck" factor.

I have not been a foster home since 2009.  A long ago rescue group had placed my last foster.  It was a hard job - you get attached to the dogs knowing they will find forever homes (you hope) somewhere else.  I just couldn't do it anymore - the meet/greets inside the home with the resident dogs that sometimes went very well, generally went good, and sometimes - in one case - the dog was just born bred to kill - so, I called it quits in 2009.

An email went out - a desperate cry for help for just a short term foster for a load of dachshunds, terriers, poodles, chi's, and others.  I caved.

Macy is here now.  All 8# of her in her blue feathery fur with brown little muzzle, she's sitting on my lap.  It's been fun to watch her put Bentley in his place - her body is shorter than his head.  And watch him cock his head in puzzlement over the strange creature on my lap... of course, he wants to sit in it too!

She leaves tomorrow to get spayed and other vet requirements taken care of.  She'll be gone about a week.  It'll be quiet in our house again - the loud yapping only a dachshund can make (and often) will be gone. 

With any luck, she'll have her forever home next weekend.  And I'll have remembered why I said, "never again" ... but it'll have been worth it.

Pictures when I get them!


Penelope said...

It takes a special person to foster animals. Bonding with them, caring for them; just long enough to bring them into their 'forever' family's care...thank you for fostering, and for sharing your story.

Speculative Speculum said...

I didn't know that they had dog fosters, but that completely makes sense! I can't wait for photos!

Sad story.