Friday, February 24, 2012

To Apply This Year, Or Not?

July MCAT dates are now open.  The "click" here button has my fingers twitching.  My heart says, "YESSSSSS!!!!!"  My head says, "WAIT!"

Trying to wrap my head around what the pros and cons are... makes my head spin.  There is no clear cut answer.

The medical school changed their requirements for admission some years back.  Grades still average 3.7, MCAT still is about 34R but the application requirements are different.  I have them all completed.

My GPA is hovering around a 3.8... I have yet to take the MCAT so no clue on how I'd do there.

The pros are easy to see:

48 v 49 at application (49 v 50 at hopeful matriculation)
1 more year of working presumably
done with premed for the most part
pressure to continue without known contract off
easier to start planning for life

The cons are likewise easy:

no physics courses in my background until this summer
physics appears on the MCAT (I can however, get the physics edge through Kaplan)
failure to get in and having to redo the whole application cycle as a reapp vs. an original applicant

Truly at a cross-roads.


Mi said...


Have you ever taken physics before? If so, why not take a diagnostic MCAT to get an idea of how much preparation is required? Good luck, my friend!

A Doc 2 Be said...


I took the first semester and was doing well despite it occurring during ... anyway, I ended up dumping that entire semester. I remember velocity, arc, unit circle, etc but I have not had the 2nd semester in any shape or form.

To you suggestion, I'm taking the diagnostic MCAT to get a feel. Thank you for suggesting that!!!! So appreciate another means for me to tip the scales one way or the other.