Sunday, February 12, 2012


I saw Jennifer Hudson in the first Sex movie playing Carrie Bradshaw's personal assistant after she'd been ditched at the altar.  No clue who she was (remember, I lived in a cave channeling my inner Wilma).

Then I saw the transformation and wondered how I could hire a trainer to look equally as svelte.  It was also her handling of the family travesty that won me over.  Her classy, dignified manner in keeping what should be private, just that.

Tonight, in case you missed it, or have lived in your own cave, or have worked the past 36 hours... Whitney Houston passed away.  While saddened to hear of someone so blessed with a voice and looks, I was not overly surprised.  Demons kill many people.  Addiction is a terrible thing, especially when it is not acknowledged.

What blows me away, is Jennifer singing the Dolly Parton classic, made overly famous by Whitney.

Jennifer owns this now.  Glorious, self assured, blessed, grounded, beautiful.
(all rights belong to the Grammy's, btw)

Of course, I remember where I was when I heard about Whitney... 3rd boss, Blackrock Caverns, with Ariyelle.

And, I'll never forget where I was when I heard this song either... or the first person who came into my mind. He's not married, nor has he found someone else but... I wish him the best and I will always...


NP Odyssey said...

I just remember Jennifer Hudson from American Idol and that she can sing

Mi said...

I am saddened about Whitney Houston's death. I really thought she would have a comeback.