Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AWESOME Organization

Not sure how prolific they are in the US; hopefully, the group is becoming more well known and acquiring better, more vocalized advocates. As the population of America (and the world) continues to age, our elderly are living longer with, or without, additional help.

This organization:  Store To Door

helps the elderly stay more independent for a longer period of time by bringing groceries.  Beyond the immediate implications of cooking one's own food (yeay!), there is plausibly the indirect implication of: owning their home for longer, staying out of nursing homes or assisted living for a longer period of time, and keeping their finances in line (nothing wrong with the care facilities but truly, if one has a choice where to spend money - wouldn't we ALL choose our own home over living elsewhere?) .  Assisted living and nursing homes have their place, there is no doubt, but they are also expensive!

Store to Door is a non-profit organization.  First hearing about them a few years ago, I was not sure who or what they represented.  Tonight, I noticed one of my closest friends' family is listed (believe it or not, I do have them!!!).  The family is pretty picky about who they support, who they donate to, and who they endorse.  Knowing them for over 20 years, the integrity and compassion for others - in words and actions - I can't help but believe this organization is top notch.

My parents are healthy and for that, I'm very thankful.  The past year with my dad has been tumultuous, full of trepidation, and at the end, filled with hope.  During the entire time he was in the hospital (almost 310 days), my mother was able to fend for herself and cook; or eat hospital food (and fend for herself there too!).  I wondered then what would she do (or he do) if they were unable to grocery shop - even if it was the fact that carrying groceries up the stairs or down the hallway of their condo building would be too strenuous.  Thankfully, I know if that day comes there might be help nearby.

I'd encourage us all to think about ways we can help our aging population.  Many of you who read this already do - in practicing medicine.  And maybe, just one or two of you, might find this organization and help there too!

Make it a great day ~

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