Thursday, March 29, 2012

Biochem Madness

In no particular order, we were informed the following:

For Exam 3 we need to be able to draw:

Glycolysis through pyruvate with each molecule, each path, each intermediate, each electron, each proton, and subsequent energy level change; understand why some steps increase in energy pay out vs. energy intake; understand what happens if the energy requirement is not met - the disease states that can occur, the ramifications given many of the disease states are caused by genetic mutations (hence why knowing the amino acids was critical to the rest of the course).

Pyruvate into Krebs following the above notes

Krebs into the electron transport chain following the above notes; including complex molecules, which pass which protons and electrons to which other complexes, which complex passes nothing, and how the conformational change happens while forming ATP...

AND gluconeogenesis (not a foul word, I promise!) along with each molecule, which pathways are reversible, how the ATP generation gets used, then regenerated in reverse and under which conditions those generations and regens would occur.

Heh.  I'm thinking I'd rather draw chymotrypsin again or discuss the aspects of the enzyme mutations causing bile acid synthesis defect, or CBAS1 instead.

Good thing I bought a full book of drawing paper.  It gets used often!

Think of the video below (not exactly a Honda fan but commercial is pretty great!), as the mechanism for glycolysis to pyruvate into Krebs and finally electron transport chain.  Think of each widget as a molecule and each spin as a required conformational change.  It'll help you understand the depth of what I need to understand (and also the similarity of the functioning parts and the repetition between them):

Best part about getting exam prep now?  I thought the exam was next week and I'm still in filming for a movie.  Cramming exam prep, movie making, and house chores (the dane, remember?!?) was making head a little woozy... :) Found out today, the exam is in two weeks!  Whoo hoo!

Best Day Ever!


Slamdunk said...

Two weeks would never work for me; I'd need two years. Glad you are smart.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I dunno, SD, I think you're a pretty smart guy! Great kids, cool blogs, wonderful wife?

Seems pretty smart to me!

Rick said...

I'm working on the same stuff for usmle. My hatred for lysosomal storage diseases is unparalleled.

A Doc 2 Be said...


Do you use the BRS for USMLE prep purposes?

Rick said...

AD2B---nope. Everything I do revolves around First Aid (The Book of Things To Know). I read "How the Immune System Works" for a quick brush up..heh. I went through Clinical Micro Made Ridiculously Simple, and I'm using Pathoma (the "New Goljan")'s incredible.

I also have gotten my hands on a few helpful biochem videos that helped clear it up. I never took biochemistry or orgoI in undergrad, so I have had to make up for lost time.

I've never been a fan of the BRS series