Friday, March 23, 2012

Contracts & Searches

Frankly, I'm tired.  It is not the constant chaos of not knowing when my next contract is going to come through, or at what level, it is having to relive the past - 6 years ago, to be exact.  Every time something that comes up seems like it is a great thing, a certain firm with a certain person rises up and says something.


Six years ago and that individual spent no time in prison but perhaps should have?

That is tiring.  Keep a stiff upper lip, karma will pay them a visit, I'm told.  When?

It apparently happened again this week.  Asked for references (AWESOME!) and then told, "meh, we're not gonna check" also known as the international sign for "we've heard bad stuff" ...

The young people I go to school with ask why I'm not more vocal about things that go wrong in classrooms (ala cheating) or why I don't speak out when a certain thug in class dominates the entire class.  The young people want to know why the "right" isn't doing anything, at some points.

Honestly, I can't explain it either than, sadly, the real world doesn't work that way in some cases.  Doing the right thing can actually destroy a life.  As people certainly tried to destroy mine... and still do.

Which has me curious - why so afraid of me?

The SEC no longer cares about a company that has been sold.  The SEC no longer chases after the fraudulent people who perpetrated the errors.  They just don't.

What's even more ironic is how those who were not extricated from their jobs for the malfeasance now make it as though it were me instead. Others who have trod this path know well which I speak of.  I'm lucky in that my name never ended up on the front page of the USA Today as the whistleblower.  However, had it, maybe I'd have had my chance to speak the truth and clear the air about the complete and utter guano that is spoken of me.

And that is why whistleblowing is bad.  That is why I never speak up anymore.  Telling someone to do the right thing, in the right way, without drama, only created immense and protracted drama for me.

And I'm tired.

And now, I'm scared again... almost as if it is 2009 all over again.  Those who believe in me, who have hired me, who have paid me, who have continued to encourage me, who know the whole truth... still stand beside me and shake their heads... willing to step in and tell anyone, I do a great job and the lies, are just that.  They tell me openly and eagerly, "Have them call me - I'd love to tell them about you!"  Four years' worth of references: stellar references; people who, if asked about the other, would openly tell the requester, what is said is a lie.

So, I tell young people: keep your head down, your mouth shut.  If you see something that really bothers you, ask outside the company for guidance.  If you see something that completely goes against your beliefs, just find a different job.  In the long run, a person is far more ahead.

Sad, isn't it?


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Un-farkingly-believable it certainly is and life appears that that it the way of the future for honest people. I fail to understand wherein lies the appeal - it sounds like you do to. Have as good a weekend as you can. Thanks for sharing a part your world with me.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Maybe if enough people flee bad companies, others will wonder why and the truth can come out.

But then, I live in a world painted bright, cheery pink because if I did not see the world in that way, I'd have long ago, taken my life and succumbed to the darkness of that which some people have already tried to entomb me on this side.