Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Greatest Morning EVER! (edited)

Woke up to dreams that involved the furkids. Bentley was asleep curled up beside me (garoooosssss) with my arm around his side, starting to pet him, it felt wet.

Had he just licked himself?

No, he was just as woozy as I was.

He rolled over on his backside, a great dane genetically enhanced trait (haha!!). I felt his big chest.

He was wet.

As I moved my hand slowly down his stomach...

It got wetter.

At that point, I was fully awake, telling him to get off the bed, whereupon I noticed...

A big, perfect circle of...

dog dripping pee

Yes, greatest morning ever! lolol


With a wee bit of rain on the pavement, cars crawled.  I drive a large SUVish type vehicle for which it was given a BIG engine... and I flew to school.  Flying down the ramp (think Cruella De'Ville or in my case, Cruella De'Calade), I parked in my favorite area, grabbed my heaping large backpack, and ran for the elevator to carry my sorry-late-arse five floors to the parkway.


The elevators crashed.  Stopped.  Mid-floor.  When they started again, they stopped on "a" floor and I had the choice of running four flights of stairs or running outside.

I chose outside.

I made it to class ON TIME but... heaving.  Seriously, I need to work out!



Solitary Diner said...

Uuuuuuuhhhhhh. So gross. This is why people have to really love animals to keep them as pets. (Says the woman who came home to cat poop on the floor yesterday.)

A Doc 2 Be said...

GARRROOOOSSSSS is only the tip of the iceberg... yes, I really do love him; big, goofy, dumbledorf self that he is...

And did I mention, my heart-mender?