Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is It Bad

I loved ochem but honestly, I don't miss it. Not at all.  Opened up my EK MCAT prep books last night (I am a wild and funny lady when not playing that video game!) and found I could still answer most of the ochem questions and passages.  Farking "B" anyway!  It was easy to leave ochem behind... and escape.

Was playing on my little healer last night, a diversion I truly needed.  Fear is quelling somewhere inside me and I am again, at that point where I wonder, "Where and how?" resumes have flown out the door, contracting companies contacted, so I dove into the video game to escape.  Replete with it's cartoonish landscape and encased in scavenger hunt type tasks, I can escape for a small time and forget.

It is also where I get to laugh.  A lot.  People are grouped up into larger groups who get to know each other, if only through pixelated screens and whatever is typed.  Therein lies the fun:

often one gets to know the other person by how they behave: are they gracious?  Give of their wares to others without asking for payment, just to be a kind soul?  or are they greedy, nasty, speaking out without considering the ramifications of their words and in-game deeds.

Several years ago, Evil lived with us.  He was the guild leader of the largest light guild in a game called Evercrackquest.  He 5-boxed meaning he had a character on each computer and would play them simultaneously, while asking screaming at me to keep him alive.  Then he would rock back and forth in his big leather bound office chair, panting like a dog after a rabbit.  He'd smash keyboards when his guildmates did not adequately do their "job" correctly, and scream at me if I laughed at his idiotness.  People in the game thought he was funny too, they didn't realize how I paid the price for their inaction in game, outside of it.

He was like that in real life too.  A screamer.  Methodical, tactical, strategic, nasty, screaming, abusive dolt.  What I saw in game with him, was far worse in real life.

I see that in Warcraft too.  In the guilds I have been oft promoted to an officer in, people came to me with their problems and I've heard many:

1)  families torn apart by drugs
2)  families torn apart by abuse
3)  families torn apart by *pick your favorite*
4)  teenage boys needing help talking to their mom about being gay
5)  teenage boys needing help talking to their mom about coming home
6)  teenage girls needing help telling her parents that she is pregnant, and 16
7)  couples who were fighting and did not know how to solve, possibly breaking up
8)  and of course, there have been the game-mances (in game romances - I do not get it but can honestly say, I've been "hit" on in game - and I play an elf)

In each of those instances, I was healer, "mom", friend, and consoler.  Many who come to the game are just escaping but as relationships get built, people figure out who they can trust to keep their damn fool mouth shut and who will blabber it in /2... kind of like real life.

People came to me for guidance, strategy, suggestions, and tactical steps toward resolving problems whether those were in-game, or in real life.

What I found last night when I needed to escape the real world for just a little bit was this:

My in-game friends always make me laugh, just differently than my real life friends.  In-game we laugh about launching a missive on the horde inside their own city (bwahaha), real life friends send me funnies about ochem, or Gaga (hahahahaha - hi Olivia).  In-game friends tell stories about work, school, and newborn babies.  Real life friends... tell me much the same.  Both sets seem to know when things are a little more difficult for me and pick up their end to help me see the light, instead of the dark.  I always hope to repay in kind... like the guild bank where you take what you need, and leave what you can for others to use.

By the way, this is my "main" sans her in-game name from the website:  notice how fierce and strong and FIT she is (as well as barefoot and gray)

Then there is the in-game view with her... yes, those are her ears!

And no, it is not bad I do not miss ochem. And it is not bad I play WoW... and in some cases, I played WoW while doing ochem - it's just called a-chem! (alchemy)

Oh, and I can see me doing something with my toons akin to this:

Make it a great day!


Speculative Speculum said...

Haha! I'm in ochem II, and I know that I won't miss it at ALL.

Very sexy, BTW! I need me some elfin ears.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Yeah, those ears are AWESOME, aren't they? So attractive!

Solitary Diner said...

That makes me miss my WoW days...but I can never, ever, ever go back. Unless I want to quit medicine and go on social assistance.

Slamdunk said...

Hey thanks for the kind comment the other day...

I think we all need balance, and glad you have escapes. My escape from the chem stuff was run like a madman over to the liberal arts building where I could again feel like a smart person.

Hang in there ma'am.