Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Project

For the life of me, I cannot get motivated to finish up the last project for my current contract.  And I am not sure why.  It's not like I want to stay there and extend.  I don't.  The manager being promoted to the director role is awesome, as I've said before.

I stare at the mounds of paperwork that has to be 3-hole punched and organized and the smile at my slave son and think he'd be perfect the job :)  As I move my little consulting group forward, I'm going to start employing him, on W-2, so that he can learn the business side of the world from the business side, not retail.  I wish he could do Visio diagrams, and Word docs the way I need.

Then, I could study.  Or watch tv.  Or.  Anything but what I have to get done.  By tomorrow.



eyewant2bemd said...

Just discovered your blog. BOL with your new mid-life decision. Although I read a few of your firsts posts to get an idea of things, I do have a question. What type of medicine do you want to practice? Also, do you think the use of a blog has helped you in any way?


A Doc 2 Be said...

Thanks for dropping by!

At this point, the pat answer I think all premeds give is, "I just want to get accepted first, then I'll figure out what type of practice" :) That caveat aside, I started off ped onc, changed to rural family med when I realized the financial benefits and then the fun assortment of disease states I'd see, but after working for a physician group and seeing that if I specialize I can pay my own way through med school, I'm back to pediatric oncology... God willing!

The blog.

Great question. I'd say it helped in that I had a cathartic means to mostly keep my identity anonymous while giving me an outlet to vent while my life unraveled or bundled back up, as the case occurred. I'd say it helped to have others pipe in when I was not sure how to start studying, as I'd never done that before when I was an undergrad nor as a graduate student. Classes were easy for me, I just needed to attend and not be hungover, or worse, still drunk! haha

Mostly, what the blog has done is help show me that I am not alone. This road can be a true roller-coaster of emotions; reading other blogs helped me stabilize my own thoughts, or in Dr. Grumpy's case, snort out loud and spill precious diet coke while laughing!

He is a must read... seriously, it's like a daily dose of serious humor!

Anyway, good luck to you in your venture!