Friday, March 30, 2012

MCAT Postponed

Never registered, my finger only slightly hovering over the "REGISTRATION OPEN" link on AAMC, I needed time to sift through the options, the pros and cons of registering now.

When my sifting and digesting was done (no chymotrypsin required, although I am sure there was a great amount of proton uptake into the inter-membrane space via ubiquinone), it did not make sense to take the MCAT this year, and apply in mid to late August.  While that is disappointing in many regards, it also felt oddly relieving.

Yes, I will be a year older at application - sort of.  I'd have been 48 at application this year, and on June 1 of next year, I will still be 48.  That said, age at matriculation, I will be - le gasp - 50.  Cool part is I am beginning to really believe the word "matriculate" - it doesn't sound like a swear word, it doesn't feel like a fabrication.  I can "see" (hope?) the invitation to join a class; and it propels me onward.

In making most of my major life decisions, I ask for a sanity check.  What am I missing?  What other aspects should I consider?  How could this affect me long-term?  Yesterday, I spent a good portion of time talking through how I got to where I'm at in my 8 month delay in taking the MCAT, why I think it is the right way to proceed, and my own thoughts on impact.  The health science advisory group specifically tasked with helping traditional - and non traditional - premeds said I was spot on.

The 8 month delay is nothing to the medical school.  My age is truly just a number as my GPA holds up against those far younger than me, and a top MCAT score solidifies my standing a person able to, wanting to, and eager to withstand the rigors of medical school education.  Coupled with my strong LORs, volunteering, shadowing, and leadership, it does not feel like there is a gaping hole in my application; especially, if I retain the methodical way I've approached most of this path.

As I walked out of the office so many students begrudge what I heard was, "You're going to be a great doc!  We feel you are going to be a great applicant and a stellar student."  I turned, smiled (beamed, actually) and said, "Really?"

Ha!  I... think so too.  Just need to continue proving myself  :)

Make it a great day ~ remember, BEST DAY EVER!


K said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Justin said...

Agreed! I've been reading your posts for a while now, and thought I haven't commented, I've been rooting for you. While I would only slightly be considered "non-traditional" in comparison (I'll be 27 when I matriculate), I would say that I can understand somewhat where you're coming from. It will be three years from the time I decided to go back to school to when I took the plunge, and I'm glad I didn't rush the MCAT. Schools won't care about the extra eight months. I think they'll just care that you're doing the process in the way that presents you and your abilities in the best way possible. Congratulations on making a decision - that is a hard thing in and of itself! Looking forward to reading more of your writing. :)