Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Head +

Ah yes.  Spring break and not a second too soon.

All that drawing of chymotrypsin's mechanism for days upon days, along with the nucleotides/sides and sugars; did not go entirely for naught, it helped me figure out where the covalent bonding occurred in the transitional intermediate and at which phase.  (Phase 1, I believe, right where the serine oxygen attacks the carbonyl amide to create a complex which then makes the nitrogen attack the hydrogen on the histidine, releasing the amino product from phase one, setting up the water displacement of the amino product, and round two of the enzyme mechanism to give the final product: a carboxylate).

Great :)

Now... about those "other" questions.  My head, at 2.25 hours was swimming.  "THINK, Ad2b," my head screamed inside.  "THINK!"  At the end, it felt like my head was in the vise pictured above.  "Where's my diet coke?  Chocolate?  Tea leaves?  Tarot cards?  Anything?!?!?!"  :D

Oh and I did.  Think, that is.

I drew lovely diagrams, perfect G-C with it's three H-bonds in a perfectly appropriate separation of the sugars creating the major and minor grooves... perfect little places for proteins to sneak in and bind.  My phosphatidyl serine was pretty, didn't have color pencils with me or I'd have given "Serina" the pink; but I think it's supposed to have a ketone off the end carbon, prior to the phosphate group.  I drew, erased, redrew, erased, and... left.

Does ATP get through a lipid bi-layer without an aquaporin?  I don't think so.  I think it needs to be chopped up into ADP and the electron transport in order to recycle and give us another boost.  I said, "F" for false.  Wouldn't that fatty head get caught in the phosphate heads of the bi-layer and then get stuck?

So, another test down.  The take home for biology is due the week after spring break. Start up for next biochem exam starts... later.  Much, much later.  I love the class, the professor is awesome, and somehow, I will figure out how to get an A.  Somehow.

Make it a great day - I'm off to enjoy a night with no homework, no mechanisms, no chemicals, no snake venom (ACE inhibitors - who knew something so frightening could be so helpful!)

Note: is it strange for everyone else by this point in pre-med that almost every single word you type has to be right-clicked, "Add To Dictionary" ???  lol

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