Friday, March 16, 2012

This Might Be Spam

Not oft spoken about but on a bad, bad day I ... play video games, one in particular.  My son plays it too.

Many years ago when I traveled all over the world, I called him every night.  Sometimes he'd be at home and I get to say "HI!"  He was generally quiet during those calls.  I suspect he might have felt abandoned at the time despite that my parents always were with him when I was gone.  They are great but not "Mom"...

So, we started to play video games together.  I'd log in from Manila or Paris or Stockholm, he'd log in and we'd "conquer" the video world together.  Our conversations were fluid and about life.  Sometimes we'd "yell" at each other across the pixelated landscape but we'd work things out.  I was never "far" away.  In many ways, I was right there with him...  On many nights we'd level alts or become dragon slayers in dungeons.  We still laugh at one night in Hillsbrad... four years later, we still laugh at how fun that night was.  I'd been "killed" by the opposite faction.  And then killed again.  And then killed again.

I'm what gamers call "squishy" - gear is not good, I hate person vs. person playing (also known as PVP), and so my son showed up.

Decked out in full pvp gear meaning someone trying to kill him is stupid.  That particular character at that time was a rogue... Stealth, quiet, killer.

What I am very good at is healing (go figure!!!).  I can keep groups alive, raids up and running, or in this case, my son.

When they killed me the last time, he jumped on his rogue and there ensued about 2 hours of howling laughter.  At first there were two people trying to kill us.  Then four came and thought they could do us in.  At the end, it took 12 people to kill us.  And then "camp" us which means we couldn't log into our characters anymore, or rather, we could not resurrect ourselves and play again.

I think we went to DQ.  :)

As time moved on we became better and better raiders.  His characters on the largest server in the game are in the top end guild - the guild itself is top 50 - think of guilds as sorority houses only co-ed.  You sign up, you get a trial application run, or if you are well known - like he is - you just say "Hey!"

Our accounts are worth roughly $2500 a piece on the black market, if not more.  Between the gold that gets sold (for real USD), and our gear, and our ability to do anything anytime to anyone people want our accounts... and if they can get them for free, even better.

One of the most oft used means of getting accounts, even for a brief time, is to hack the accounts by sending out emails that appear to be from Blizzard.  Also as well known, are the Chinese and Korean hackers sending the emails.

Greatly talented for farming gold and playing video games, they should really learn English.

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Support.

When we carry out a routine check when the account, we have evidence to show that your account has been involved in the disputed transactions.

So we have to inform you visit our website( )fill out some information to facilitate our investigation.

If you can not tie in with our soon we will have to temporarily lock your account.

I fell for that once and logged in to the phony account, got my account stolen from me, and had to wait for Blizzard to reinstate my account to the last save date.  Blizzard is awesome at taking care of the subscribers, thankfully, and I've never had an issue losing my account permanently.

Which is good!  For the last three days, my son and I have leveled yet another "alt", killed more horde, enjoyed the in-game banter, and continued the tradition of son-mom bonding.

Hackers/spammer be damned anyway!

Back to school and exams... one in which I need to complete for biology.  And somewhere on campus there is a building with some ancient philosopher names etched into it.  Finding it means 2 extra credit points.  I best get them.  The take home mid-term is brutal!!

Make it a great day!


Jackie said...

I play that particular game once in a while. I recently rolled a gnome 'lock and name it Alkene...I was on Spring break and taking a break from studying O. Chem and it sounded good...I've been hacked once in the 3 years or so I've been playing. Blizzard is awesome about getting your stuff back quickly (and guild bank stuff too since the person who hacked me also emptied out a guild bank from a guild my sister and I had). I love playing with family members who live a state or 3 away.

A Doc 2 Be said...

It is a fun game - I've never named my toons after chemistry but am thinking I should do one called Chymostrypsin :D

Fun stuff!

Candi said...

Although I don't play that particular game, I do find that playing video games with my son is a great bonding time. And as long as we're killing zombies & not people I'm ok with it. I'm just thankful he's not into any sports games because I'd be totally lost on those!

A Doc 2 Be said...

The only "humans" we ever kill are those from the opposite faction and are:

blood elves

Not quite humans and in this particular game, they are cartoon characters. In CoD and MW3, I had an issue with my son playing those until he was about 17.

DaxWagner said...

Funny AD2B, I see a trend here.

I also play that particular game often, I paid for the year subscription to get the new mount and early release of another, similar game. I have squishies named Healthyself and Zylene. My coworker and best friend at the hospital has one named Nephrona. We are truly dorks, in a good way of course.

I have gotten several of the same emails and thankfully ignored them.

It is a welcome escape from school, work, and the stresses of a big goal that most people following this blog share. Everyone should have a fantasy world to escape to from time to time.