Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crunch Berries

Caving into selfish, sugary, hyperglycemic high I realized there are other side effects. Affects that are not exactly painful but, ahem, tingly. Researching I found that high sugary substances like my favorite out-of-the-box-sans-milk cereal, create an acid environment and the pH of the urine drops. Which causes the tingle factor.

To buffer the acidic environment one pounds water (my favorite = Propel Kiwi-Strawberry Zero) and eat alkaline foods. Obviously, the water helps with the higher hydrogen ion content, and alkaline foods act the same way. The things I'm learning after ochem that really apply. Who knew!? So, if you're ever (male of female) having an issue with tingle factor (not from sun tanning lotion in tanning bed), here's a list of foods that will help alleviate the problem:

Slightly Alkaline Foods * Peas * Watermelons * Apples * Blueberries * Pears * Grapes * Onions * Bananas * Raspberries * Peaches * Tomatoes * Oranges * Lemons * Apricots * Grapefruits * Potatoes (sweet or white) * Strawberries * Tangerines

Medium Alkaline Foods * Cherries * Limes * Green Beans * Dried Dates * Raisins * Avocado * Pineapple * Cauliflower * Mushrooms * Rutabagas * Radishes * Cucumbers * Green Soy Beans * Brussels Sprouts * Beets

High Alkaline Foods * Broccoli * Cabbage * Rhubarb * Lima Beans * Lettuce * Sauerkraut * Watercress * Chard * Dried Beans * Carrots * Dried Figs * Celery * Molasses * Beet Greens * Raw Spinach

So, now after polishing off that box, I mean handful of sugary cereal snack, you can top it off with figs, celery or chard! And if you're not prone to sauerkraut (who can resist it?!?!?  I LOVE the stuff!!!), just skip the cereal :)

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Slamdunk said...

Is this where readers confess that I have CC and Lucky Charms in the cereal cabinet and they are not strictly eaten by the kids?

If not, I am sure embarrassed now.