Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dinner Conversation

My parents, thankfully, are healthy, active, and alert this year.  A far cry from last year when I just did not know about my dad.

Mom's cooking is always awesome and tonight was no different.  Munching on the ham we'd been salivating over, my son's thoughts on getting a finance degree came out.  He wants to be a CFO someday and we'd been talking on the drive down, what his path would need to look like.  Thankfully, he has my own past to guide him on politics; perhaps, more thankfully, he has a great head on his shoulders.

Dad's life as a former executive of a former S&P 500 came up; we talked about the innovation that he saw in his lifetime with that company, and of that which I saw.  During his lifetime, he also saw stock splits about 1x per year, and sometimes even twice.  My son was all ears learning how stock splits work, why it is good to start early and buy often when younger.

Slowly, my old life from 15 years ago arose.  I'd been a senior consultant for one of the public accounting firms back then - Big 8, little 12, small 6 - I don't remember how that went but we were the consulting arm taking the Snoopy dog company public.  Converting them from statutory reporting to US GAAP was an adventure and one that I still fondly remember.

Because I did NOT live in the area, I flew in every Monday and out every Friday.  After a few weeks of that, I asked if I could just get a condo and live there, flying my son down he could just attend school.  We'd keep my house in the metro but it would be win-win for everyone:

client got charged less fees (me not traveling saved countless $1,000s)
I got to see my son every day
I worked longer
I was happier

(okay, so maybe it was more win for me :D)

Anyway, one of the other perks is that if I did not travel on a weekend, I could use that money for other things - and if not used for several weekends, I could use the sum total for other things.  So, before moving my son to Florida, I saved; to fly him and my parents who were nannying for me at the time, to Florida for a long weekend.

Remember, 15 years ago, my son was 5.

He'd never flown before.

He'd been told, like many small children, that heaven is above the clouds.  He'd been told, like many small children, that God "watched over us."

So, when the plane hit 33,000 feet above ground, and the clouds billowed below the belly of the aircraft, my cute, precocious 5 year old, while mashing his face against the oval window of the fuselage, asked in a very loud voice:

"Where's Jesus?"

And that brought gales of laughter tonight!  Apparently, back then, it brought gales of laughter to the airplane full of passengers embarking on a journey to warmer, sunnier weather.

Indeed.  Leave it to my son!

Hope you enjoyed a great Sunday!

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