Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help For Those 60+ & Home Bound

Many weeks ago, I posted about an organization that helps those that are home bound. The little I knew about the organization and the limited reading I had done on it, left my knowledge a bit sparse.

Store-To-Door helps those 60+ who are unable to shop for themselves. Medical infirmities such as: ALS, MS, CHF, emphysema, COPD, and many other health related concerns, create substantial difficulties in the person's ability to care for themselves, especially as they age. Unable to get basic needs met, they often enter assisted living - which I believe we'd all say are awesome in what they do, but again, if we had the choice, wouldn't we all rather stay in our homes? Where we know "those" sounds? Where the "smells" are soothing?

There are organizations often supported through religious and civic groups that supply home care, transportation, and other tangible types of help.


takes it one step further and supplies the groceries (click link to see the website).

Below is a clip that got picked up by a city media outlet and posted. It tells a poignant story of a man who is thrilled to stay home, thankful for the organization!

 Enjoy - support - be happy!

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Cartoon Characters said...

I am for any support agency/non profit that allows seniors to stay home longer rather than be shipped out to a facility.

Here in the province where I live, they are starting to realize this and our health authorities are starting to support this.