Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Is Like Chess

Pieces get moved around, strategic alliances are built between pawns, rooks, and kings.  I like playing chess and while would only profess to be marginal at playing it, I'm always willing to improve... and move my pieces differently.

Hence, I believe my life like chess.

We are scheduled to leave the area which has been home to me for over 20 years to a place that I fondly remember; white sandy beaches, fabulous crab on the ocean watching the wayward dolphin do strut his stuff on his own without a trainer; 5PM storms that came like clockwork (Atlantic breezes flow one way, Gulf breezes the other and when they meet, beautiful storms!).

Resumes have been sent to recruiters.  Houses to look at to come soon.

And shortly after the summer sets into my native home state, my son and I will leave.

Dad recently told me that I should not tether myself to a state where opportunities feel dried up.  I don't think he thought at the time, I'd really leave.  And while he is happy I am moving on with my life elsewhere, he is very sad to see my son and I leave.  Truth be told, I'm sad to leave him behind.  My dad is the salt of the earth.  He is the finest man I know and my life has been completely blessed having him for a father.  ALL children should be so lucky!

But like chess pieces on a board, there is a purpose behind my move.  I once lived in the state.  It was my own greed that stopped me 15 years ago from becoming a permanent fixture there.  I wanted more money to be a director (at 31) of the very large, global company.  Every time a lapse in employment has happened, I've thought I should move back.  And every instance when the timing has been ripe, something locally has come through stopping the move.  Strategically planned and now being executed.

Beyond that of a job and a change of scenery, there is the notion that I am set here in my state's medical community.  If I can somehow pull my ass out of the mess I'm in for biochem (I'm at a B+ max right now), I will be golden here.

Next year, at applications, I will also be a resident of the new state and hopefully, that will enable me to apply as in-state vs. outstate not only moving my app up (I hope) a notch on the pool, but also giving me in-state tuition rates if accepted.

IF I don't get accepted anywhere, I'll still be:

1)  on a beach
2)  warm
3)  happy

PACS, you've been warned!  hahaha

Make it a great day!

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Slamdunk said...

I like your planning here. It is no wonder that the US population shifts in the US are too the south and west.