Monday, April 23, 2012

A MUST Visit Link For All Pre-Meds

This is what I do when I panic (OMFGIAMNOTGOINGTOGETIN type panic!)

1)  I breathe deeply and for as long as it takes to make the headache go away (that, or I pound Tylenol as hard as that is on my liver and kidneys)

2)  I redo my GPA calculator and update for latest/greatest info (and I have separate scenarios listed so that if I get a B in biochem or an A- or whatever, I see how it affects my overall-last-three-year's GPA which, happens by the way, to be my cGPA and my BCPM)

3)  I hit up this website typing in all the particulars...

PreMed Stats Med School Options

and after noticing that there are MANY blue and green schools listed (okay, so I won't get into the red schools: Johns Hopkins, or Mayo, or ... pick your favorite top 10 med school - seriously, I'm 47 almost 48, they'd have laughed at me anyway :D)...

I breathe again.

MCAT.  Forget more courses.  I'm sitting with a lousy 3.61 in BCPM but MCAT is my leveler.  I'm taking it in January taking the 6 months prior to really master everything I can and hone my timing.


Blue and Green = happy Ad2b!

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Slamdunk said...

Always something to look forward to, eh?

In the disciplines that I am familiar with, the big exams are make or break for applicants.