Monday, April 16, 2012

Perhaps, Lest I Get Cocky


WHOO Hoo!!!

/happy dance

(that or I really, really, really screwed it up bad!!!


PACSman said...

You do know you chose a scaffolding nail as your illustration...the upper head is driven with a hammer, and it is used to withdraw the nail; the lower head bears on the surface into which the nail is driven; used on temporary structures such as scaffolds, formwork, etc.

We need to get you a more permanent nail instead- maybe a nice finishing nail that is almost impossible to remove within damaging the material (laugh).

Good luck.


A Doc 2 Be said...

Yeah, I Google'd 16-penny duplex nails for pics - something big, strong, sturdy... just in case I fall on it!

BTW - I've put in my resume to a headhunter in Tampa/St. Pete... haha - - - or maybe that's bwahahahaha

Slamdunk said...

No way. Celebrations are on the horizon.