Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tips & Tricks For Biochem

Where to start:

Well, if I were to use my favorite movie, "Sound of Music" we'd start at the very beginning... with amino acids and learn all of them (we did!).  Why do we start there?  Well, learning the bonding, acidity (or not), polarity (or not) helps when you get to synthesizing the amount of mechanisms that need to be learned from glycolysis through electron transport.

It is not a matter of learning the cycle and the names, it is the "why" that we get asked.  Why does citrate become isocitrate in Krebs?  Why does alpha-ketoglutarate become succinyl-CoA?  And then of course, how?  and with what energy?  is there a payoff for the energy input?

Because we learned enzymes for the last exam, we now can incorporate that into learning what enzymes catalyze the reactions listed above but also what inhibitors would stop them.

Had I not had this class, I would not have understood Dr. Grumpy's picture post the other day with "Free Metformin" below a box of cookies.  The humor would have passed me by...

So, today I study.  I nailed the 100% on the take home, nailed the 100% on the assignment, now I need to nail (or come close to) nailing a 100% on the midterm this week.  If I can do that, I'm sitting pretty well in the class; possibly, if he does any sort of smoothing for my exam 2 debacle (recall that is when I was told my contract was ending early due to promotion of internal person - absolutely the right decision for the finance team but SUCKS for me!!! - and I am still scrambling to find the next one - more on that another time).

If I can do well, I'm set up to get a great grade.  If I can do well, confidence rises again; hope springs eternal (truth be told, hope never leaves me).  Med school is no longer some nebulous idea or thought, it is on the horizon; and if I'm blessed enough with an invite it goes without saying, there would be a bright shining light over the city!

Enjoy your weekend - embrace your life!

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Slamdunk said...

You are doing awesome then--congrats. I'll look forward to the book your write with this post title to help those following you in the future into the den of Biochem.