Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guayaquil - Heat - Sunscreen!

In my 3rd day in Guayaquil the city on the river which leads, eventually, to the Galapagos.  Mats of weeds, grasses, sticks, and whatever else float quickly down the river, almost seemingly anxious to get to their destination.  As am I!

My first full day, alone in the city of 3.5 million, I asked where to walk (ahem... start walking off those B&J HalfBaked pints, 4-cheese ravioli with chicken and asparagus).  Given a map, walking directions and told, "Just walk to the end of pier, and up a few steps to the top where the naval museum and the church is.  The site is amazing!"

Okay, so...

1/2 mile to the river.

1/2 mile to the end of the pier

88 degree heat

blazing sun (LOVE IT!!!! and HUMID!!!=

And... those "just a few steps" meant...

480+ to the top of the hill. 

Thankfully, there were little benches, MANY people saying "Agua, agua, agua" followed by my meek response, "Por favor" and "Muchos gracias"... yes, it is a two water bottle hike up those stairs to the top.  And if so wanted, another 120 to the top of the lighthouse.

Sweaty, hot mess.  Of course the return was not nearly as difficult.  And I WILL post pictures - I had just no realized what I was going to see so I left my camera behind.  However, even on my 2nd trip I did not bring it with me.  I will have to ask my partner in hiking crime if he brought his.  (Yes, Olivia, there it is............)

Other notable funny sights:

  • the security guard at the corner of 9-Octobre gives me water bottles on my way to the river (I must be the only gringo he´s ever seen)
  • people here, as well in the States, look at my head, glance (nonchalantly, so they think), the follow my legs up to my head again (yes, I´m tall, and American)
  • people go out of their way to be friendly to the American lady with blond hair (a tour guide that knows our lead professor well asked if I was tall and blond; my professor´s only response, if you saw her you´d know, there is no one in the States let alone Ecuador as tall and blond as she is... well, maybe Giselle but I am not a super model)
Hope all of you are well - we leave for Galapagos in 44 hours.  WHOO HOOO!!!

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Red Stethoscope said...

Well, you'll never get lost from the group, right? Plus, free water! Win!

I want to see pictures!