Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To all of you who have children, mentor children, love children, or wish that you had them!

My son's gift to me this year was:

1)  unquestioning support while I went to school; he's stepped without asking each time I needed "something" - more sleep, more quiet time, more away time at school; he's let the dogs out, fed them, walked them

2)  a very cleaned house

We are moving to Florida in a few weeks.  After living there many years ago, we've always wanted to get back.  People are friendlier, more welcoming, more accepting.  No one is "from" there, they come from all over the nation, if not the world.  In my state we are known for being "nice" - I would say very, very polite.  However, people grow up and marry their best friend's sister, or a friend of that friend and no one, I mean NO ONE, ever leaves here.  Many people who move into the state are disillusioned thinking that "We'll have to get together for..." actually means something, it does not.  You'll never hear from them again.  Or new people hear, "We should really start a volleyball team!" which really means, "we like you but you're not one of us and you'll never hear from us again."

In FL, people are different.  What I recall is being invited to a volleyball team by an almost complete stranger from my son's then daycare center... within 2 days.  What I recall is BBQs, swimming parties, baseball games, etc with people who were from anywhere but FL.  I loved it there; so did my son.

Don't get me wrong - I love my state too.  But I hate winter.  It's overrated unless you live in CO, UT, or some other state where mountains exist upon which to enjoy the fluffy white stuff.  Fluffy white stuff for its own sake... sucks.

So, on Friday, I gave my notice on the house we rent.  It was official.  We have to move.  Graciously accepting my notice, my landlord also said that my rent for June was covered.  He said he was in a similar situation a year ago when they moved south.  And three weeks before they left, he'd found a job.  What he also said is that I'll never regret this but if I don't, I may.

After listing my furniture on Craigslist, it was gone in less than 4 hours - patio furniture, sofa/love seat. I think those sales made it "real" for my son.

Our house was not only cleaned, it was packed.  Boxes were consolidated and put away so they house can be shown.  When I walked in the front door, he was doing dishes and had the ones he'd done stacked and said, "We just need boxes for those."

Are we excited?  Hell ya!

Am I thankful?  Double Hell ya!

Florida here we come... hot weather, humid days, sunshine, warmth (no freaking -30 F for us anymore), and ... a new start.

My mother's day gift was fabulous - hope yours is as well!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Where in Florida are you returning to? I lived in the southern part (east coast, keys, west coast) for thirty years and am curious about which section you found so welcoming.

I was very happy to move to the SF Bay ARea where people are thinking and multicultural and well-educated. Where sidewalks get repaired and the schools are accredited. I detest the cold but I love Everything Else about it here-proximity to mountains, beaches, deserts, Yosemite, metropolitan areas, cows and horses, it's all here.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I love the Bay area but I could never afford to live there. What we found in FL is the sunny weather and friendly people wherever we went.

I've not forgotten the downside of FL, nor the GOOD side of my current state. It is just time for a change :)

No one place is perfect but FL feels like the right direction right now.

The Angry Medic said...

Wow, this is really sweet. I feel I've really gotten to know you after you left your story on my blog. And dayum son, you ARE lucky to have a son that grown-up and mature. I thought Mature American Kiddies existed only in Hollywood films.

Hope the move goes well!

Also, you must have heard this a MILLION times by now since you're moving to Florida - but please vote properly this year?

A Doc 2 Be said...

TAM, I've been blessed my entire life :)

When my first son died, I prayed I'd never get pregnant again... and did everything to prevent it (but abstinence, apparently!)... When I got pregnant with my 2nd son, my life was blessed forever.

Hills, valleys and all - I'd not trade him for the world!