Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Last Paper - Edited

Tonight I polish what is most likely the very last research paper I will ever write.  That sentence is very surreal.  Really?  I'll never write another one, and honestly, thank God!

My undergraduate degree is in technical writing obtained when owning an IBM Selectric with backspace correction tape was seen as being of the upper middle class.  Between buying regular tape and the white correction tape, I spent much of my drinking money to make sure my papers were well crafted including catchy opening lines, quotes that struck a chord, and follow-up on details.

Tonight, I'm bored.  My final in the class is also tomorrow and while I care, the last two weeks have decreased my enthusiasm for school.

This particular class started off being very fun.  The professor is nationally, if not internationally, renown for his work on the topic.  He is engaging and witty, always with props, it's like a high school science class on steroids.  What sucked was another non-traditional student who, pardon the language, I would have like to invent a new use for duct tape upon.  He just never. ever. shut. up.

He ruined the class.  Ended up hating the class, dreading every second I had to be there because of that dolt.  I was not alone.  Looking around the classroom, there were less than 50 of us, the minute the dolt raised his hand or started pontificating, eyes would roll, backpacks would shuffle, pens snapped... and the dolt would drone on.  At one point, he openly contradicted the professor who stated quite emphatically, "Excuse me.  This is my classroom."

Dolt didn't get it.

And tonight, I'm struggling to finish the paper (8 pages, double spaced, without addendum, etc).

And I can't.  I quit caring about the class a long time ago when the dolt became so obtuse and distracting, the class was no longer interesting.

Best two weeks of class were right after he bailed on his group's project, leaving them in a lurch to perform without him (ass!), and he did not show up.  I thought (prayed!) he'd dropped.

Ugh.  School's almost over.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring 2012 and honestly, I can. not. wait.

Then, crossing my fingers/toes and any other appendage, I head to Ecuador and Galapagos in two weeks.  Insurance money to be found, I think... I hope... I pray.  Then I can relax, rejuv, regen, and let go.

Back to paper writing... uninspired paper writing at that!

Edited Portion

Son just came upstairs.  "Go to Galapagos.  You've wanted to go for years, ever since I can remember.  And that paper you have write?  1 page per citation.  Done.  Oh, and turn on some classical music.  For some reason it helps."

Love him.  Really, really love my son!


Slamdunk said...

You have earned some quality R and R and I look forward to reading your blog posts from there.

I was working with a student tonight who was in zombie-end-of-the-semester mode. Anything that I asked he, I could have swore he responded: "I'll be in Florida in three weeks. Need sun. Need surf..."

A Doc 2 Be said...







yep, I'm there... mumbling and drooling in a sleep deprived stupor.