Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Macy Gray Girl

Some months ago, I received an email from a rescue group that needed immediate foster homes for around 85 puppy mill rescues.  I had fostered one dog before, a ridgeback/pittie mix, and thought, well... why not.  Wherefore, I encountered a little long-haired, scared, shy, pretty girl named Macy.

Macy was immediately spayed, vetted (shots, nails clipped, teeth brushed, etc) and then sent home with me.

She'd had plenty of applications for her, but the founders of the rescue are rather picky... apparently, more picky with the dogs than their human friends (one of which, I came to find out is the "Evil" that lived with us - garosss!).

Anyway, Macy became a happy fixture in our house.  Each day when I'd come home from school, there'd be a waggy tail, clippering little toe-nails on the kitchen flooring as she scampered to try and greet me.  She'd bark to get let out, bark if something was not right, bark if... well, she barked.  A lot.  She's a dachsie - that's what they do!!

Macy had an application come in for her a few weeks ago that at first blush, I thought it might be her former "family" - sometimes those that over breed are not evil, just mentally ill with OCD and hoarder issues.  I asked my own questions of the leaders of the rescue - really candid questions - they didn't like that so much.  I didn't care.  My concern was not in being well liked by them but making sure little Macy Gray (as I call her) found a great home to go to.

Then, I was supposed to meet them on Th night.  Enter in the flu.  Then enter in really poorly constructed logistics by the rescue and a myriad of bad decisions on their part and my morning was shot to hell.  This is not about that, however.

This is about how one family is about to meet a great love.  A little bundle of joy that will forever be grateful for them in taking her home to live out the rest of her hopeful 12 years as a lap dog.  The family is amazing!  I love the fact they would spend money to help their pets beyond just shots and neutering.  I love their commitment to saving another rescue.  And Macy, will love them too!

So, as I bid farewell and good luck to the Macy Gray girl, it is bittersweet.  Happy for her but a little misty eyed in having to say goodbye.

Here's a not-so-great picture taken of her at an adoption day event (I only took her to one - she never shined at them)


Solitary Diner said...

Awww. What a sweet puppy. Glad she found herself a good home.

A Doc 2 Be said...

She was so scared at those adoption day events. This really did not show how perky eared she would be at home, or how snugly while I studied.

She'll have a great life!