Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Gman

Was headed to a movie tonight with Olivia and although I'm sick and feel like cahrap, it was going to be far more fun than being at home coughing, sniffling and wheezing.

Stereo turned up to pass the time, sing (croak, actually) and tap my fingers, a song came on that brought a broad grin to my face, and made my fingers tap a little more wildly (I was driving with my knees... just kidding!).

Many years ago, probably about 16 to be exact, my son staying at my parents house for the weekend.  I'm sure I was on some steel encased flying contraption so he was down there, having fun, hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma.  On this particular weekend, my dad being the church usher, always having to do his duty for the church, always having to be engaged with some activity, he'd asked my son to be an acolyte and "help" Grandpa light the candles in front.

No doubt my son was eager to please his beloved Grandfather.  No doubt my dad told my son to be very careful.

And as that proud Grandfather and very proud Grandson walked up the aisle, that 4 year old little boy... tripped a little on the carpeting in the aisle.  In front of the ENTIRE congregation, what they saw was not him tripping, oh no.  That'd have been easy.  What the ENTIRE congregation HEARD was:

"Oh shit."  And not from my dad.  Nope.  From my 4 year old son.

I think I laughed so hard then at the story (as did everyone else whilst raising an eyebrow at me!), and I think I laughed so hard today hearing this song:

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