Sunday, May 6, 2012

T - 57

The last time I wrote that, sheer panic had settled into my neuronal cavities creating clumps of misfiring neurons, decaying my gray matter, and making my tangles get more tangly.

Remember that?  Ochem madness at its finest?  My GAWD I hated studying for THAT final... hated it.  Loved my bio final, though, it was like easy peezy (yes, if you perhaps read here, your final is EASY - truly, test me on something :D)... okay, maybe it was not that easy... well.  Yeah, it was.  Perhaps it was assisted, however, in the knowledge that I had 13 pts to give before falling out of the A category... and there were only 50 points on the test.  Yes folks, I could have gotten a 37 on the final, and still received an A...

I digress.  A little.  Ochem.  Sucked the life out of me.  Turned me into this green, HULKETTE (I should really try to Photoshop a Hulk with my picture, maybe make it pink instead of green) monster.  Crabby?

Gman's comments were, "You're sick of ochem?  *I* am sick of ochem and I'm not in the class!!!"

This semester is different.  Evolution was interesting during the biology, geology, and chronology parts; I hate case law.  At one point, not sure I've ever mentioned this before, in 2001 I took the LSAT.  Got a 178 on it. I think back then that was pretty decent.  I have no idea how the heck I thought I was going to ENJOY being 1) a law student (although I'd read One L by Turow and many others, had many of the books from West, etc etc etc) but I HATE case law.  B O R I N G

So, the last 1/2 of class was ALL about case law.  Ugh.  That plus the ... oh, how to phrase this nicely... non-traditional-thinks-HE-knows-everything and has to pontificate about his supposed brilliance with long winded diatribes that the ENTIRE class hated?  Yeah, the combo case last and THAT guy sucked.  I hated going to class.  I hated being there.  Hated that my money was going to have to pay for that crap.  What's worse, is that it was an instructor I had last semester and he was still pretty awesome, but THAT guy ruined it.  For everyone.  There are others from that class in my biochem class and they openly said, "Yep, THAT guy ruined the entire semester in that class for them."

And then there is biochem.  My saving grace.

For those of you who are new, I've been through hell, walked through fire, come out the other side, still smiling and just a little singed.  The professor who teaches my biochem class also teaches a freshman level class that I "took" almost three years ago.

Let me rephrase that.

I added the class via normal procedures.

I dropped the class at week three.

My advisor got me readded to the class by talking to the professor who welcomed me back to class.

AND on the VERY LAST day you can drop an entire semester, without question, I dropped everything.  Including the professor's class.  I was getting an A-.  A 91% A- and freaked out... well, I did have a lot going on back then (really, three years ago?!?!?!).

Anyway, I asked him if I could take his upper level biochem course.  He welcomed me.  Said he'd be honored.

I vowed to myself no matter what stones (boulders) were hurled my way, no matter how well or poorly I did on an exam, no matter what... I would finish the course and do the very best I could under any and all circumstances.

And in T-55 hours, I will take the final, finish the class, pray I get an "A" and relax.

Asked Gman, "You sick of biochem?"

"Are you in it?" he questioned, with a broad grin that said... he too realizes how much I've loved being in school this semester even with THAT guy and all the distractions.

I will miss school.  I will miss being pushed to the extent that I can learn, will miss knowing my way around campus, miss finding the uber rooms to study in (And I will let those secrets out once I'm done - seriously, 40' of white board?!?!?  OMG, nerdgasm!)

Biochem final.  Photosynthesis, some metabolism, DNA-RNA, and then done.



The Angry Medic said...

Holy crap, I just read this and now I have a deep burning hatred of O-Chem. And I'm definitely not in your class (or am I? DUM-DUM-DUMMMM! No seriously, I'm not. You can call off the restraining order.)

Well actually I've already paid my O-Chem and Biochem dues since I'm a doctor, but I hated em back in school too. I'm glad you're done with it (or will be soon). All the very best for your exam!

I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Then comes the MCAT.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Bwaahahaaa - NO MCAT for me (this year)... :D

Nope. Sun. Fun. Warm, sandy beaches!

You can tease me next year at this time when hopefully, I'll be stressing out on apps.

Gotta ace biochem first tho. Just gotta!