Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two For One - Santiago & Bartolome'

Every night, our group (all groups, actually) have to be off the island by 6 PM according to National Parque guidance.  And each night, we were.  After a usually exhausting day of hiking up and down large hills, on lava, in Keens, with water bottles, snorkeling gear, cameras, and research equipment, we were generally just plain tired.

After leaving Genovasa, we had a 7 hour navigation to the islands of Santiago and Bartolome a perfect time to relax aboard our small boat (75' Floreana).  We never saw whales or dolphins but we did pick up a flock of frigate birds who decided that, apparently, I look like a toilet.  Laying out on my hot pink beach towel, almost sound asleep to the rocking of the boat, it happened.  Thankfully, my mouth was closed.

Note to self: tan away from birds!

Upon arriving at Santiago, I noticed my camera battery, taken out of the charger, was missing.  Time was running out for me to find it before the Panga left for the shores.

Rules on the boat:

Don't be late.
Don't touch animals.
Don't be late.
Don't be late.
Don't be late.

Anyone who knows me, understands that first one is really hard for me.  I'm late for everything (courtesy, I'm told, of the ADHD).  I work on it and here was my first chance to choose:

be late


not have camera

Let me just say now: I was NEVER late for any activity the group had embarked on.  I refused to be "that" person who held up the rest of the clan.

So, off to Santiago I went sans my camera.

It is a dry landing meaning you don't wash up on shore and step out into the ocean, you land on rock and get hoisted up to the lava (remember, ALL the Galapagos Islands were built by volcanos and every place one steps is generally lava of some sort).  Also, because I refused to be late, all these pictures were taken from the boat once I found my camera battery (which had been placed in a very secure location but scopalamine patches do weird things to one's memory, or maybe, just mine!)

The rim of the volcano is easily seen.  Our guide, Rafael, had been forgotten while walking with his teaching tour back 20 years ago or so.  He had to forage for himself because in the heat and the sun, it was hard to find the way back to safety.

Now leaving Santiago, we headed for Bartolome, just a very short navigation away. Pinnacle Rock is one of the iconic sites in Galapagos.

Around Pinnacle Rock are various animals which were amusing, and obviously by the amount of pictures I took, very cute!

Sea lions, resting just about 15' from the penguinos (who we swam with on snorkeling outing).

And those were from the start of the trip, upon the rocking Panga.  Hiking on the island gave me better pictures, more opportunities to explore the amazing island, and bigger smiles as the animals were, in one case 6" from my hand.

Stay tuned!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Putting something away in a Safe Place is almost always a guarantee that I will be unable to find it when I need it, totally forgetting the safe place for now, often stumbling on it later by accident. Thanks for the pics.

Slamdunk said...

I think you made a wise choice about not being late, and I am glad that your battery turned up. What an adventure--thanks for sharing a place that I don't expect to get to.