Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Day @ The Barn

or two :)

So, I've signed up for the MCAT, asked B&N to order me the 1001 Physics from EK (already had the entire base set, plus 1001 for bio, orgo, gchem and verbal).  Started making notecards for physics equations that I've long forgotten; cards for equations, cards for concepts; and my handy dandy sketch book for drawing.  Thanks to my biochem prof, I've found drawing helps everything. 

With that movement forward, it was back to the barn for me this weekend.  Partially spent with riders on horses, and partially spent cleaning out stalls, washing horses, tossing hay flakes.  Batman rode again as did another youg man I'd gotten to meet.  Non verbal and yet, the person knew who his friends are.  He is unable to communicate through "normal" means but pointing and smiling, he found his friend.  Newton.  Another fine young man, unable to communicate verbally but, I believe, expressions say it all.  He simply smiled.

I heard yet again how horses help those with balance, coordination, and atrophying muscles regain mobility.  I saw one person who I was told, started out completely wheelchair bound, unable to walk independently, unable to walk at all.  Well, he walked with limited assistance.  When asked, the parents said the horses helped their child use different muscles and build the stabilizing muscular structure.  Self-esteem comes with independence for everyone, not just those requiring the assistance of the stable.

All of that makes me remember how blessed I am.  No matter how hard things get once in a great while (cough cough), I'm still able bodied and mostly able minded.  :)

The percheron that I was contemplating finding a home where she could be mine, is shot.  Understandedly, the stable gets lots of offers for their horses.  With a horse that has medical issues, I understand how the stables' first concern is that horse will be taken care of, not sent off to the not-so-great place when the bills become too much.

So, I've offered up putting her on supplements, buying her feed for her (senior feed), and whatever else the poor girl needs.  Years in the mines hauling carts, she deserves nothing but time to be just-a-horse.

Great weekend - horses and young people with various stages and states of disabilities.  Amazing!

Gives me the jump start I need to start studying for the MCAT...

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