Friday, October 12, 2012

Back To The Barn

My weekend will be spent trying to gather a whole lotta documents for issues related to my parents.  Of course, since I've moved to sunny Tampa, I've also found time for the pool, the ocean, the patio, the...

Yes, I still love it here~~  are you kidding me??  But the best part?

Not knowing a soul beyond my son has forced me to meet and get involved.  So, a few weeks ago I volunteered at an equestrian stable for handicapped folks.  And this weekend, I'm going back.  Brush the horses, muck stalls, relax.  Give back.

It's not what I say that defines me (or anyone else), its what I do.  In private.

Yes, I miss school. But the drama that started before my 2nd midterm last spring, and dropped my solid A in biochem to a B has not abated.

Being around the horses lets me forget for awhile how much I miss certain aspects of my life last year.  Being around the horses keeps me focused on the present, not ruminating in the past of "what if"s for nothing good, ever comes of that.

Make it a great day!

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NP Odyssey said...

Well you made it through the summer and now the snowbirds will be arriving soon. Having lived in Clearwater I loved the water and weather in Florida. But as most know FL has more than its share of people that make you shake your head in wonder.

Glad you found the horses and you will be alright AD2B.