Sunday, October 28, 2012

Physics Review

Ahem.  Me and my note cards and EK are going to bond tonight.  Pardon the pun.

Vectors and scalars oh my.  I keep laughing because everyone hates physics, and to be frank, I kind of like it.  Everything makes sense from a science standpoint if you understand physics.  Chemistry?  Is Physics on 'roids.  Biology?  Is chemistry... which is physics.

So, that's kind of boring.  What's cool?

Yesterday, I was at the horse barn again (get ready for many stories on the barn).  It was the Halloween party for the riders.  Remember, these rides have varying degrees if disabilities.  There were so many tables set up for games, the kids dressed up the horses (Dawn became "Dawn Trump" replete with a gel'd back forelock, flopped all the way over her head with "You're Fired" written on her side).

Judging costumes was horrid.  How do you tell children who perhaps don't really understand, why they did not get picked.  Yes, everyone got a consolation prize but it was still hard.

Standing at the grill - yes, I eat - one of the moms started up a conversation about her work in the NICU.  She asked if I knew what PKU was and after saying yes, went into tiny conversation about how biochemically the enzymes are stopping a reaction.  Or rather, the lack of the enzyme causes a build up of pyruvate in the system and then things get ugly.  If you have no pyruvate, you get no Kreb's and no Kreb's means no ATP, and no ATP means no energy.

Smiling, she asked when I take the MCAT.  Smiling, she asked if I'd like to shadow her in the NICU, adding maybe she'd even get a doc to take my under his/her wing for part of the day.

I could have been pushed over with a feather.  I'm so excited!!  The rest will fall into place.  As one of my friends said, I've come too far to stop now.

Yep.  That's me: barns and biochem.  And loving life!


Justin said...

Hooray! Sounds like an awesome opportunity to shadow. Also - physics is WAY underrated. I loved physics in undergrad enough to major in it, so I'm definitely biased, but it's good to hear another voice in support! Remember your biochem though - you're going to need it a LOT more than the physics, if not for the MCAT, for sure for med school. Good luck, and keep up the writing!

Anonymous said...

Physics has been very good to me and, in my opinion, was at the heart of the reason I did as well on the MCAT as I did.

If you want some help or tutoring, shoot me an email and we can try Skype or something.