Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yep, That Was Therapeutic!

Many years ago, someone once told me, "If your life is crap, go volunteer.  Change your perspective."

I didn't get it then, even though I volunteered often.  I eventually understood as I found the right opportunity that was the right fit with me (and my quirkiness).

Today, I went back to BAKAS.

Maybe - the tobiano paint - has issues.  She is quirky.  And she weighs about a ton.  She doesn't like to have people move to quickly toward her, likes having a calming presence beside her on the halter.  The farm hand's choice today was me.

Many years ago, I had a tobiano paint - Trixie Bar Poco.  A green horse with an inexperienced rider, she threw me into a log, knocked me out with a hawk cawing and a rabbit squealing in terror.  When I came to, I had severe concussion (which is what I blame my memory loss on :D), and moderate to severe back sprain.  Vicodin became my friend for a few days.  I never rode Trixie again but I worked on building trust with her.

Similarly, I treated Maybe today.  As she was brushed by others, she pulled her ears back, pulled her head up, looked at me. I'd whisper it was alright, she was fine.  No one would hurt her.  Slowly her head came back down.  Slowly, maybe I'm building the trust with her.

Next was Susie.  Susie is a Percheron.  Big, bold, black as night, gorgeous.  And lame.  She has ringbone apparently, a disease much like osteoporosis in humans.  No longer able to be ridden, she gets groomed.  And she, like so many others who just need to be loved, stole my heart.

With open sores on her rump the size of half-dollars (some of you might know what those are!), and a calm, easy temperament, she was washed, groomed and turned out.  Her mane made her look like one hot mess; brushing it out, she simply stood still and let me take care of it.

It was after turning her out to pasture, with fly spray and a gentle pat on the chest, I was told the group had considered euthanizing her because of the pain she'd been in.  The sores on her rump akin to bed sores in a human.  She'd been laying down too long and the sores became oozing messes.  Thankfully, she's healed and is not looking at that grim future right now.

My calling has always been to those in need of help.  I'm always drawn to those less fortunate and those in acute pain, or those simply suffering long term ailments.

Susie needs a home to become a lawn ornament.  Somewhere she can live out her days as a loved companion, blessed to be brushed and groomed and beloved.

See, volunteering is awesome!  Sometimes... maybe most times, it's not about what I give to the organization but rather, what I get in return.  And honestly, this particular organization and my volunteering there, is selfish on my part.

I get so much back.  Today was no different.  AWESOME!

(And yes... I'm looking for a place to board Susie and make her mine.)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

You made my day with this post; thank you.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Anytime, Lynda! The posts from Bakas will continue... I just love it there. I come home in peace. :)