Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bachelor Sean (Yes, I'm "Going" There!)

A few years ago, I left the abode in a small, tree lined street in a tiny, humble (eccentric, you might say) village along the St. Croix River in Minnesota.  Moving into what became known not so affectionately as the cave, I also gave up DirecTV, Comcrap, Qwest and whatever other media was available.

Working 40 hours a week and taking gen chem, or ochem, or physics never allowed for much free time.  Happy as a bee in spring on newly sprung flowers, I was headed somewhere... wherever that might be.

Moving once again to a house in a different suburb and not so cave-ish, and not so insect riddled, cable got hooked up for the internet.  Cable.  You know, that flicker thing where one can sit on one's ash and watch mind-numbing TV?

Yeah.  That thing.  And my new sofa.  On a Monday night after an ochem exam.  I found Ashley.

Sure, I'd heard the water cooler discussions of who should be with whom but I had never watched really.  I think I saw something of Jake and whoever-she-was.  I could not believe people would whore themselves out like they did and so never got entangled into the show.

However, I did, for some reason, stay tuned for Ashley.  While her annoying crying with Bentley got under my skin (I DO have a Bentley of my own - big, goofy, great dane), the rest of her show was fun to watch.  JP was my pick from the get-go and the water buffalo dude had to go.  Really.  Uck.

Skipping WB season - and sort of semi-watching Emily and her sniffling, stuck-up-never-going-to-get-over-herself - I really liked Sean.  Just not with her.

Sean's season started (I'm not in school this semester; debating the MCAT thing; lots of time on my hand to watch shows like Castle, and NCIS (LOVE the Abby!), and Scandal)... and seriously, who are these chicks?  and honestly?  Can someone please tell me I did not act like them???

Des was my favorite from the outset until, she started to tell Sean what the problem with Tierrarist was and then instead, decided to clam up leaving him in a confuddled state; and then whined about the goat milk guzzling (although, truth be told, I get being pissed about guzzling that crap and then being told that the other losing team gets to come back), but what finally turned me away from her, though I think she still has the most spunk and energy and fun in her, is when she started to tell him about living in a tent while growing up.  Uck.  It's one thing to tell a man you've been dating for a few months that you had some interesting times in the past (I know I speak for myself there - anyone reading this blog already knows what I've been through) but Des and Sean hardly know each other... and homelessness is not for the feint of heart.

It's not the homelessness that is so bad, it's what homelessness does to the psyche.  I've seen it in the shelters where I've volunteered.  I've felt it when I too thought I "might" be homeless.  It changes a person.  The unknowing, the unsettledness... and there she was, laying it all out on him.

But what really got to me a few days ago is the damn ring on Catherine's finger.  The spoiler is already out on Reality Steve . com so you know, Catherine supposedly is the engaged fiance of Sean now... just not while they were in Canada.

If you look at the episode, it looks like she has a wedding ring next to her knuckle and an engagement ring on top of that in the appropriate position.  Having read Steve's column and having been told she "wins", I wa sort of stunned thinking that she already knew he proposed... but that would not make sense.... but then this is "Reality" TV where everything is "real", right?

Reaching out to Steve, he said that they were not engaged at that point.  Then he went onto say that the conspiracy theorists were out in full force.  Apparently, I was not alone in my observation but probably alone in that... I don't really care.  My own thought was the lousy editing team forgot to tell her to take it off before filming the one tiny sequence because it was definitely gone after the one shot.

Why would that be?  Because someone finally DID realize it was there?

Who cares.  I know if I were studying for that Most Capricious Acidic Theory, I would not have time to care about Sean, or Emily, or ... but then, it is fun to have mindless drivel to take up some time here and there.

Just like this blog :)

Make it a great day!

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