Friday, March 15, 2013

My Cat Ate That

I don't own a cat.  My roomies and I back in the mid-80s had an adopted cat that our Iraqi roommate found while walking home one day.  And despite that we were not allowed to have cats or dogs, she ignored that and brought the kitten home anyway.

It was Duluth, MN.

It was beyond cold.

We named the kitten, "Fish."  That way when the RA's came and asked if we had a cat or dog, we could say that we had fish.  Oh.  And I had a fish tank to show them with pretty gourami in it.

I digress.

My MCAT is scheduled for April 27th and I am postponing it.  When I look at dates, I see June 20th (still in time for this app cycle),  I see July 2nd (still in time for app cycle) and then a bunch of dates that put me into next year's app cycle given I'm not a 4.0 and would be late in the gate for app review.

So, today while I was slightly bored, I thought about a schedule to get the requisite studying done for the test:

Sat - physics 4 hours, ochem 2
Sun - physics 2 hours, ochem 2
Mon - gen chem 1
Tues - off
Weds - gen chem 2
Thur - phys / ochem review 1 hour
Fri - off

Rinse/repeat for the following week, then change it up.  Biology to replace ochem (which is likely to be my best subject followed by gen chem); keeping physics every week (likely to be my worst), and add in verbal reasoning.

I'm still working full time and know that Tues night is my NCSI night (what's life without Mark Harmon??  OMG, now that I've found TV, I'm not giving up that!), and Friday night is my night with my son to do whatever (generally, movies and dinner).

While evaluating the schedule, I know that as time gets closer, I'll ramp up the hours but must admit, being that the exam is in summer, and I do live in sunny FL on the suncoast, jet skiing is on my brain.

My focus is not on the 10 hours each weekend day but heavy on weekends and review all week long.  That way whatever I cram in my brain on Sat/Sun, stays with me (remnants of ochem 1 so very long ago...)

Now, to get my MCAT changed... and buy a fish!

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