Friday, March 1, 2013


Mine.  Dad has fully recovered from his bout with ruptured spleen brought on by heart attack, not to mention his then battles with kidney failure and pseudomonas (I probably still spelled that wrong :D).  Dad's memory is a little weak and he forgets events; I worry, of course, but then I think about how often I can't remember what I did yesterday.  And I'm only 40-something!

Mom found a lump or a spot or something.  She goes in next week to get it biopsied.  At 80, I am thinking it is a fibroid or something more harmless.  Mom has taken good care of her health, always seeing the doc for whatever, making sure she does everything right - except for eating green, leafy veggies.  She hates asparagus too!

Me, I have a lump on my had.  Sounds like ganglion cyst.  I'm not too worried about it either.

And, I'm postponing my MCAT.  Scheduled for April 27, there is no way for me to take it and do how well I want.  I was worried that with my parents and their health, that I'd be too distracted and get too old to try this fall.

But, it's only another year.  I think I'll schedule it for September and work on the rest of my app package for 2014... when I should have been graduating from med school, not applying.


Oh, and moving to FL to escape the snow?  and cold?

Well, I believe I might be taking pictures of snow flakes on the palm trees early Sunday morning!  lol

Ecuador, here I come!


NP Odyssey said...

Good to hear your Dad is doing better.
Stress and life will always be there, hope you follow through on the September MCAT

Anonymous said...

Good call on postponing the MCAT if you aren't sure you're ready. Taking it when you know you aren't prepared is a recipe for disaster.

One shot. One kill.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Dad is doing great - finally! He, like me, needs to lose about 10 pounds now, which given his grave condition two years ago is good.

Thanks MSO - postponing it is going to be hard but taking it cold would be far worse.

Fusiform G said...

AD2B, have you ever checked coursera classes? I have been taking many and I really enjoy them but one that started 2 week ago looks like you might like:

A Doc 2 Be said...

FFG - THANK YOU!!! I had never heard of that before: Khan yes (and use) but not that one.