Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Been A Long, Long Time

And I finally decided that I never wrote here for the readers, although I did hope perhaps part of my posts might be helpful - back in the day - I wrote here for me.  Sort of as a journal of sorts of how the hell I got through the last 5 years.

Sometimes I read here and am slightly bemused that the physician whom I fell very, very hard for got me so very, very far onto the medical school path at such at late age. About that point when I think about him, I think about the really nice golf clubs he bought me "just because"... (yes, you can insert an "awww" here).  Damn he was good with the flowers, and the theater, and the... man, I did adore him.  (he's got a dating profile active on a site for wealthy men - oh, and he got married in 2010).

Eventually, I started dating someone else.  It took sometime for me to really like the new guy, but eventually did.  Love?  I suppose, but very differently.  More cerebral, more adventurous (insert skydiving), more outgoing.  Anyway, we'd gone golfing once.  Starting to put those clubs in my car, "just let me take them back to my house for you.  Safe keeping."

Those golf clubs ended up, of course, at a person I pseudonamed Sir Hawtsalot... which should probably be better repenned as Sir Cheatsalot but, whatever.

When I figured out his primary characteristics were charismatic, charming, cheat, liar, and thief, I bailed on him... he called me fickle.  For the record, fickle is someone who cheats... not someone who is trying to understand the big roaring red flags that wave and every woman I know, ignores.  Except me.  I just didn't want to believe them at first.

I mean he's on the board for a charity.  He has some really great connections (hee hee - think about that...).  And everyone I know, that doesn't date him, just thinks the world of him.  But... cheat he is.  And thief.

See, I'd dumped him and moved on.  Going so far as to block his phone calls at the vendor if he tried.  I deleted his email address (the corporate, and ones) and banned those at the provider as well.  I discarded my thoughts of him (mostly - thanks Olivia for talking me off the bridge once in awhile when I meandered on it).

I'd moved on.  Really well.  Kind of found a new individual, with charm, wit, and some common interests somewhat inspiring if not interesting.  Top that, I was in my final semester before MCAT.  I was seriously, done.  Red flags were listened to.

Until he figured out a means around my email block and wrote me saying he missed me and thought about me a lot.

Apparently, he'd read something I'd written and felt compelled to write.

From India.  While on a trade mission.

Dumb me responded with nothing until I went to Galapagos.  I sent him a postcard from the outpost almost parroting his email above.

Apparently, he forgot to mention his engagement.

The engagement he entered into 4 days before writing me the original email above.

Apparently, he also forgot to mention that he was keeping my golf clubs.

When he finally did feel the need to tell me he was getting married (6 months after meeting the woman), I wrote him back saying, "good luck and best wishes" adding that I deserved better than what I got from him (like not being led on or strung along or purposefully misguided by him), but that as someone (the "devil") once told me, I don't have to like it, I just have to accept.

The idiot wrote me again and offered to pay the concert tickets back as a donation to his MARITAL charity of choice.

Seriously.  Cheating dolt.

Where that brings me is this letter, now very viral on interwebs :D, that I wish I'd had the kohonas to write myself 2 years ago.  How much more fun would that have been???

(very, if you have to ask!)


(and yes, I think Taylor Swift and I could have a running friendship; boys be damned anyway!  :D)


NPO said...

Should have never responded. Let him fade away.

A Doc 2 Be said...

In hindsight, the day I found a wine glass on his boat that was not from me, I should have walked and never looked back.

I will never, ever 2nd guess myself again!